Exercise and Activities

Can People with Hemophilia A be Active? 

Yes! People with hemophilia A who are taking FVIII regularly, under the care of a doctor, can, and should, be active. Exercise is important and even helps build strong muscles to protect the joints. But it is important to be careful about the types of activities a person with hemophilia A does. Swimming, riding a bike, walking, jogging, playing tennis or golf, dancing, sailing, and bowling could be considered for those people with hemophilia A who are managing their condition (sometimes referred to as "prophylaxis therapy").1 Contact sports, such as football, hockey, boxing, and wrestling should be avoided because it is easier to get hurt playing those kinds of sports.1

Consult your healthcare provider to discuss exercises and activities that are appropiate for you. 

It may take some time to figure out what activities work best. Talk to your healthcare provider or physical therapist for suggestions.1 

Reference: 1. National Hemophilia Foundation. Parent FAQ. stepsforliving.hemophilia.org. Accessed September 17, 2014.