The Kedrion Commitment

Kedrion's corporate culture is based on the social importance of providing safe purified plasma-derived proteins for the treatment of serious illnesses such as hemophilia and immunodeficiencies.

Kedrion actively supports patients and patient advocacy organizations, including donating over 1 million units of coagulation factor to the organization, Save One Life. The organization uses donated medicines to treat patients in need in developing countries. 

Kedrion is committed to helping people through our actions, both personally and professionally. We put our vision into practice in every aspect of our company:

  • We work on a global level with our philanthropic and humanitarian programs.
  • In the US, we work at the national level with patient advocacy groups.
  • We work locally through our “Kedrion Cares” outreach program with a commitment to leaving every place better than when we arrived.

Kedrion believes in social and ethical responsibilities and with that purpose, Kedrion has implemented an organizational structure including an corporate compliance program, corporate compliance officer and code of conduct to ensure its values are practiced throughout the organization.