Tips for Healthy Living with Hemophilia A1,2

Living with a chronic condition like hemophilia A can be stressful at times. The following tips can help people with hemophilia A get the most from treatment so they can relax and spend more time doing the things they enjoy. People with hemophilia A should:

  • Follow the treatment plans prescribed by their healthcare providers
  • Keep up with regular check-ups and vaccinations as recommended
  • Tell all their healthcare providers, such as their doctor, dentist, and pharmacist, that they have hemophilia
  • Keep a record of prior and current treatments. Take this information to all medical appointments, including emergency medical visits
  • Ask healthcare providers about physical activity and sports that are safe. Physical activity can help strengthen joints, keep muscles flexible, and relieve stress
  • Get regular dental care and make sure the dentist knows about hemophilia. Dentists can prescribe medicine to reduce bleeding during dental work
  • Make time for themselves and don’t be afraid to ask for help when they need it
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